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Secret Proposal on Grace Bay beach with a message in a bottle

man proposing to his girlfriend during sunset

It’s not every day that I get to do a fun shoot such as a secret proposal on Grace Bay beach with a message in a bottle! 

But a few weeks ago, I did just that.

The Plan

Alex contacted us a few weeks prior to arriving in the Turks and Caicos Islands to arrange photos for his secret proposal to his girlfriend, Zoë. He had the idea that there would be a bottle washed up on the beach that they would find ‘unexpectedly’. Upon reading the message inside the bottle, Alex would then get down on one knee to propose. I would be there to capture the whole moment as it unfolded. How exciting! 

So, on the day they arrived to the islands, I collected the bottle from The Oasis in Grace Bay where they were staying. I then went to the beach access next to Point Grace to plant the bottle in the agreed spot, a few feet away from the ocean. As planned, Alex and Zoë walked from their resort to the designated place about an hour before sunset. 

She said YES!

Alex’s plan worked! And I made sure they didn’t see me or my camera as they approached the bottle in the sand. I started photographing as soon as Zoë picked up the bottle and took out the message. Have a look at the photos to see the surprise on Zoë’s face as she realizes what is about to happen! We had the perfect light for photography and I took photos of the newly engaged couple until the sun set. 

To celebrate their engagement, Alex had planned a private dinner at Grace’s Cottage. I took a couple more photos here before saying goodbye and congratulating the happy couple.  

If you are thinking of getting engaged in the Turks and Caicos, please visit our website for information on our photography packages. After reading this article, you may even want a secret proposal on Grace Bay beach with a message in a bottle too!



bootle with a message on grace bay during a secret proposal couple proposing in the turks and caicos man proposing to his girlfriend during sunset secret engagement in the turks and caicos islands happy couple in grace bay beach couple just engaged in the turks and caicos couple walking in grace bay engaged couple in the turks and caicos beach secret proposal during sunset in providenciales happy engaged couple turks and caicos recently engaged couple during sunset in grace bay

couple posing for professional photographer after engagement

sunset photos after secret proposal just snagged couple at point grace restaurant in grace bay








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