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Beautiful South Caicos photo shoot

South Caicos photo shoot

This is not the first time that I’ve done a beautiful South Caicos photo shoot. We have taken the short twenty minute flight to South many times before. It’s one of the most beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos and one of the smallest with a land area of 8.5 square miles. The island is known for excellent fishing and scuba diving and historically used to be an exporter of salt. It really is a quiet paradise in the Caribbean. 

So it’s no wonder really that couples are drawn to the island of South Caicos for intimate weddings or romantic photo shoots.

When I first spoke to Rachel, she didn’t know where she and her boyfriend would be staying. I guess they were feeling spoilt for choices here in the Turks and Caicos islands! The couple did eventually choose South Caicos and booked to stay at Sailrock. A luxury beach front resort situated along the pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea. 

Of course, I was happy to fly over to Sailrock for this lovely couple to do their South Caicos photo shoot. If you are ever visiting in the Spring when the South Caicos Regatta is held, you’d better get ready to party. Or at least watch the boat races and play games such as dominoes, hula hoop, darts and marbles. 

Beautiful South Caicos Photo Shoot Sail Rock

Francis, our driver, took us around the island. We visited downtown and the great dock. Hurricane Irma damaged parts of the dock last year but thankfully we could still use it in our photoshoot. Check out the color of the clear water in the background!

The second part of the shoot took place back at the resort along the soft sandy pristine beach on the west coast. Rachel and Valdi had fun splashing in the shallows, walking hand in hand and soaking up the Caribbean sun.

The shoot ended with a cocktail at the beach bar ‘The Cove’. An idyllic setting with great views of the sunset.  

Many thanks to Francis for driving us around the island. 

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