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The wedding of Hannah and Kamau at Blue Haven tci

Sometimes the weather in the Turks & Caicos can be a little bit temperamental and this is what happened on April 9th while photographing the wedding of Hannah and Kamau at Blue Haven tci. However, little rain didn’t stop this happy couple from having a beautiful and fun wedding ceremony.

Hannah and Kamau got ready at Blue Haven resort and their wedding ceremony took place a short distance from the beautiful water and the luxurious marina located there. Yes, we had some light rain but that didn’t stop the wedding couple and all their guests from enjoying this very special day.

After some family photos and a few images with the bride and groom around the beach, everyone enjoyed a great evening of food, drinks and dancing at the beautiful Fire and Ice restaurant.

Many thanks to all the following vendors: Location: Blue Haven tci ; Turks and Caicos. Wedding planner;  Shauna Wilson. Flowers by Environmental Arts.  Music: Michael DJ Dayoh.  Makeup by Thea makeupartistry. Hair by Bridget Tangle Hair Salon.

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2 thoughts on “The wedding of Hannah and Kamau at Blue Haven tci”

  1. What amazing photos of what must have been an amazing day!!! I pray God came to the wedding and stays for the marriage!!!!

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