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A longbay beach villa wedding.

Rachel and Grant’s wedding at villa Caribbaway on Longbay beach last week was an intimate, relaxed family affair.  I love shooting weddings at villas. Villas are always different, unique and have their own individual charm. There has been a boom in recent years and the number of villas on the island seems like it’s doubled. New ones are still going up everywhere! Caribbaway is an older villa with a very authentic caribbean feel. Fun to shoot on the wide balconies and use the gorgeous light. Longbay beach itself is a long public beach, but with so few access points it feels like a huge private playground.  Rachel and Grant choose to get married a few yards down the beach from the villa and had Grant’s brother performing the short ceremony. After a few family pictures we grabbed some champagne a few more pictures and then everyone relaxed to a dinner under the stars thanks to Kissing Fish Catering. Perfect.


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