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Valentines Day Wedding Anniversary on Parrot Cay

Getting married on Parrot Cay is special. Now imagine a Valentines Day wedding anniversary in Parrot Cay. Mr and Mrs Trebilco did exactly this. Ten years ago they came to The Turks and Caicos Islands and got married on Valentines Day on Parrot Cay. Ten years and three children later, they revisited the wonderful private island of Parrot Cay to celebrate their wedding anniversary. And what’s even more special is that the couple were wearing the same outfits as they wore on their wedding day.

Beauty around the Island

We met in the lobby of Parrot Cay Resort. Then, Deshawn, a friendly resort employee, very kindly offered to drive us around the private island. We spent a couple of hours finding and taking photos at the most picturesque locations.

Two of my favorite locations were the guest dock and the little deserted boat house. Another awesome ‘attraction’ was the coconut plantation. This is a project that enables each visitor to plant their own coconut tree and check out how much it has grown every time they revisit Parrot Cay. 

Our penultimate stop was at the resort pool. From here you can see the mesmerizing turquoise waters of the ocean just beyond. At this point, it was time to add some champagne to the celebration too!

To end this beautiful valentines day wedding anniversary on Parrot Cay, we went to the beach at the far East end of the island. At low tide, the water and the beach are absolutely stunning. As you can see, you can stand pretty far out on the sand banks. It feels like you’re the only couple in the world, surrounded by sunshine and the clear turquoise waters of the Turks and Caicos. Congratulations on ten years to our wonderful couple. We hope you will be back again to celebrate the next ten! 

Many thanks for making this special day so wonderful to:

Location: Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos Islands

Planners to the event: Catarina Dinnis and Nadia Williams

Captain: Marley

Chauffeur on Parrot Cay: Deshawn

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