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Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding – Cocktails and fabulous food.

Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding – Cocktails and fabulous food.

Following the wonderful morning boat trip, snorkelling and excursion to see the Rock Iguanas everyone had time for an afternoon nap before being welcomed with some signature cocktails and themed canapés.  Teresa from Tropical DMC had setup an amazing scene upstairs at the Palms Ballroom terrace with gorgeous flowers from Environmental Arts  and loads of fun additions.

turks and caicos__4632 turks and caicos__4633 turks and caicos__4634

There was also a giant map of the USA and a box of pins so guests could stick a pin in the map to let everyone know where they had all flown in from – fun !

turks and caicos__4635 turks and caicos__4636 turks and caicos__4637

The food creations were simply stunning. Sliders, pizza, soups, lamb. A whole range of food to satisfy all a tastes. I loved the way the accompanying drinks were presented alongside the food. YUM !
turks and caicos__4639 turks and caicos__4640 turks and caicos__4641 turks and caicos__4642 turks and caicos__4643 turks and caicos__4644 turks and caicos__4645

After cocktails a few family members went downstairs to have an intimate rehearsal dinner. Again Teresa and her team had a lovely table laid out that made a perfect setting.
turks and caicos__4647 turks and caicos__4648 turks and caicos__4649 turks and caicos__4650 turks and caicos__4651 turks and caicos__4652 turks and caicos__4653

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