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Vanessa and Chuck’s Wedding – Boats, Conch and Party Time!

Boats, Conch and Party Time! Day One of Vanessa and Chuck’s wedding last weekend started off with a gloriously sunny day with perfect blue skies. The guests gathered on the beach at the Palms Resort and were soon issued with fins, floatation devices and ushered on-board the boats of Caicos Dream Tours. As we set off to the snorkel sight we were visited by Jojo the dolphin briefly – a good omen if ever there was. It was then a fabulous morning of gathering conch for lunch (no conch no lunch!), snorkeling on the outer reef and then into the beach for some downtime, beach football and taking in the vivid blue water. After a light lunch everyone headed over to Little Water and Big Water cay to check out the native Rock iguana’s before a short boat trip home along the north shore of Provo. The rum punch flowed, the music was cranked up and the party began…and it was only 2pm !!

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