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Underwater adventures after your wedding day

John and Dayna got married in the Sands hotel and booked their underwater adventure for the day after the wedding. Not until we looked at the photos, did we see that when Dayna was underwater, we had this amazing bonus of some fish swimming with her. This made her look even more like a mermaid with her flowy dress and beautiful long hair. We had this great day with pelicans on the dock, seagulls, you name it. Almost Nemo 2 in the making. John and Dayna many congratulations and Jackson, WOW you are the best dancer I have ever seen!

Wedding planner: Keisha from Destination TCI. Flowers by Environmental Arts Hair by Geraldine for Maxime’s Salon. Make up by Ann Northcote. Officiant Pastor Padmore. DJ William John. Cake by Annie Lee from From Scratch Catering by Kissing Fish

Wedding venue: The Sands.


Sands-Wedding_0002  Sands-Wedding_0004 Sands-Wedding_0005 Sands-Wedding_0006 Sands-Wedding_0007 Sands-Wedding_0008 Sands-Wedding_0009That is where you keep your tissues 🙂 Sands-Wedding_0010 Sands-Wedding_0011 Sands-Wedding_0012 Sands-Wedding_0013 Sands-Wedding_0014 Sands-Wedding_0015 Sands-Wedding_0016 Sands-Wedding_0017 Sands-Wedding_0018 Sands-Wedding_0019 Sands-Wedding_0020 Sands-Wedding_0021 Sands-Wedding_0022 Sands-Wedding_0023 Sands-Wedding_0024 Sands-Wedding_0025 Sands-Wedding_0026 Sands-Wedding_0027 Sands-Wedding_0028 Sands-Wedding_0029 Sands-Wedding_0030 Sands-Wedding_0031 Sands-Wedding_0032 Sands-Wedding_0033 Sands-Wedding_0034 Sands-Wedding_0035 Sands-Wedding_0036 Sands-Wedding_0037 Sands-Wedding_0038 Sands-Wedding_0039 Sands-Wedding_0040 Sands-Wedding_0041 Sands-Wedding_0042 Sands-Wedding_0043 Sands-Wedding_0044 Sands-Wedding_0045 Sands-Wedding_0046 Sands-Wedding_0047


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