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The wedding of Inara and Daniel at the Seven Stars Resort

I first met Inara and Daniel during a quick engagement shoot in December 2014 in Blue Hills.  It was a very fun session; I got to know them and got a good idea of what their destination wedding was going to be.

Almost a year later after their last visit to the Turks & Caicos we met once again but this time it was to capture their destination wedding. The Seven Stars Resort was the chosen property to celebrate this very important day.

Their wedding ceremony took place on December 5th on the beautiful Grace Bay beach where fifty family members and very close friends came all the way to celebrate with their special day.  Teresa and her team from Tropical DMC did an outstanding job with the planning and preparations for an awesome wedding.

Inara and Daniel’s wedding reception took place on the Seven Stars beach deck where everyone had a blast dancing under the stars. Here are just a few images from their wedding day…

Wedding planner: Teresa from Tropical DMC. Flowers by Environmental Arts Hair by Geraldine for Maxime’s Salon. Make up by Ann Northcote.  DJ Dayoh

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