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Unique JSquared Jewelry in the Turks and Caicos

Janine and John (JSquared) fell in love with Turks and Caicos the minute they landed here. What’s not to love? The people here are beautiful, the water is impossibly breathtaking and the sunrises are equally as amazing as the sunsets. It’s all just awesome.

So what was next for JSquared after twenty three years in the heart of San Francisco? It was time to trade it all in for a more ‘chill’ & meaningful life, right here in TCI.


In 2017, having just moved to the islands, the couple endured what was to be the worst hurricane to have ever hit the TCI. So they set up a massive GoFundMe effort to help the people of the Turks and Caicos to rebuild. Thanks to their generous friends, they were able to raise $40,000 to buy and ship hundreds of pieces of plywood and enough roofing materials to cover over 20,000 square feet of roofing.

Supplies also went towards helping to rebuild schools and churches on Providenciales as well as the island of Salt Cay which was also hit very hard.

But what got them the most was the spirit of the people here. Always strong, always positive and always full of love.

Not knowing what was really next and getting through this tough period, they told each other that they knew it would just come. And it did.

Unique Pendants…

Janine and John have a mad love of another island too – Capri, in Italy. Years ago they purchased a beautiful yet simple pendant there that Janine wears all the time. It is a sterling silver pendant with cut-outs of two iconic figures of Capri – Il Faraglioni. They thought why not make one similar to show their love of Turks and Caicos. So they designed a unique pendant with their representation of the islands and use it as the logo both in the jewelry and the wearables. The“Turks in Turqs” and “I Left My Heart in Turks and Caicos” collections were both born.

Wear Unique JSquared Jewelry for a Cause

There are a number of charities that benefit from the sales. They update their Wear JSquared for a Cause page each month so you can see how much the charities are benefitting from your generosity.


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