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Fun, energy and joy

As 99% of you will know Facebook has that featured that pops up a past post or picture from a few years ago and asks if you want to “repost” it into your timeline as a memory.  To be honest at first I found this quite annoying. No I don’t need to repost that picture of me ice skating or that meal in London. However recently it’s been suggesting some pictures of my own two girls and it’s quite shocking how much they have changed and “grown up” over the last 5-7 years. So when the Twigg girls approached us about helping organize a Christmas present for their mum, from dad, of some pictures of the two of them I knew it was something special. I’ve known both these girls for many years through school pictures, dance classes with my own kids and sailing clubs. They are both tremendous people, full of fun, energy and joy.  I know they are going to the kick butt! But before they do, it was nice to capture some “island moments” a couple of days before Christmas. I’m sure mum was happy 😉
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