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A family island escape.

What a lovely way to spend a few hours during the holidays helping Angela and Jeff with their family island escape. With grandparents and the kids along for a family vacation during the holidays at a very lovely villa on the southern side of Providenciales. We started at the villa whilst the sun was still fairly high in the sky before moving to a few favorite spots around the island, all the while chatting about the island, places to see, things to do and sharing our love of Turks and Caicos.The three girls are the same age as my own, so it was nice not to be chasing toddlers down the beach (though that can be a laugh). Really love the colors for this that everyone picked out.We did some groups with grandparents and grandkids, kids, alone, mum and dad and in general mixed it up to make sure we captured all the special moments. The time literally flew by before we found ourselves on the wonderful Grace Bay beach for another picture perfect sunset. So glad to have met this fun family and all the very best for 2016 ! Happy New Year.

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