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Villa Palmera Birthday Party

We were called by Yolande, the sister of the birthday girl who asked us to come to Villa Palmera to document this very special occassion. Eleven ladies were going to celebrate her sister’s birthday party here in the islands.  They arranged an all white party for that evening with a private chef coming in. The ladies had a champagne brunch and massages. Corey Forbes was entertaining the ladies with his island music at the villa. We were taking photos of the birthday girl, the whole group and each lady at the party got some individual photos as well. Twelve gorgeous powerful, strong women were in the Turks and Caicos to celebrate the birthday of their daughther, sister and friend. Have a look at Sharon’s great birthday party here in the islands with lots of laughter, fun and dancing. Happy Birthday Sharon from all of us at Brilliant Studios.




Villa Palmera
Villa Palmera

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