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Turks & Caicos elopement, Arati & Ankur Patel.

Ankur first met his Bride-to-be, Arati, whilst they were both on vacation in Turkey. After getting engaged and looking at potential locations for a very small wedding, they decided to elope to the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands.
On April 23rd, a couple of hours before the wedding, I met with the Bride and Groom at their villa. We took a drive around the island to get some colourful images before heading to meet with with the wedding officiate.
Arati and Ankur wanted to have some images taken with their traditional Indian clothes first and then some with regular beach clothing before getting into their wedding attire.
Their wedding ceremony took place at the end of Grace Bay beach just before sunset.
Here are a few images from the shoot…

Many thanks to: Wedding planner :Chrishell from Nila Destinations. Make up by : Thea makeupartistry.

Officiant : Pastor Padmore . Location for ceremony: Grace Bay beach.

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