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Coffee Table Book

Being able to share those favorite and special moments should be effortless, not just today, but also tomorrow, in two years time and in a decade. Technology is great – but the touch, feel, smell even of a fine book is still the gold standard. Being able to pass a suitably hefty volume of your favorite pictures to someone special is a great feeling , a great way to connect with each other – we’ve just found some great ways to do just that !

Always searching for the best for you. So a recent visit to the WPPI (top wedding photographers in the world conference in Vegas) led me to review every major album company on the planet more or less…the result? A continuing relationship with our album maker West Coast in California.  A gorgeous handmade customized album. We design the book for you and the book will not be printed until you completely love everything about it. This book will hold up to 70 images with you package,  but can be extended to hold even more images. Any exact copies of the book for parents or grandparents or for your second home will be 50% off.


Have a look at our signature 11×14 coffee table book . The book comes with its own matching box. Other sizes are available.


Every time I’ve opened this over the last few weeks I got a ‘gasp” from the bride sitting next to me, when she saw the full metal cover and  the “pop” of the color..


State of the art album company – new printing technique – it’s better than ever…really helps showing off those Turks and Caicos colors !


Exquisite printing on this art paper – its nothing like “online books” Each one is unique and is 100% customized. You select your favorite material for the cover, from leather, leatherette, fabric to a full metal cover.

Have a look at our printer’s website to see more of this one of a kind book we have selected for you, the Malibu album:



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