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Parrot Cay Family Photo Shoot

The reason for this Parrot Cay Family Photo Shoot was celebrating mom’s birthday. Sumantra, the private butler for the family, was so nice to drive us all around Parrot Cay in a golf cart to find some beautiful locations. We stopped at the plantation with a little cottage build on it and hundreds of palm trees. A beautiful back drop for a family photo shoot.  We stopped on a typical island dirt road on top of a hill for a magnificent view of the lagoon and the ocean.

Finally we ended up at Parrot Cay’s pristine and secluded beach in front of the families villa with its famous white powder like sand. All in perfect Caribbean weather as usual. Except for that one darker cloud, right their in the back. It started to get closer until…. okay so not all our Caribbean photo shoots are in perfect weather. When you are on vacation in paradise nothing is going to spoil your fun. Ending a Parrot Cay Family Photo Shoot in pouring rain. Love those photos and love this family for having so much fun with the rain. Happy Birthday!

Many thanks to Sumantra for all his help with this photo shoot at Parrot Cay Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Family Photo Shoot Parrot Cay

Family Photo Shoot Parrot Cay




Family Photo Shoot Parrot Cay

Family Photo Shoot Parrot Cay



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