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Elopement in Turks and Caicos, Jeanette and Michael.

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing an elopement in Turks and Caicos with Jeanette and Michael Mehall. They both wanted a very laid-back wedding and to have some photos taken around the island before their ceremony.

On April 16th I picked them up at their hotel, The Gansevoort, Turks & Caicos and we went for a very short drive to the beautiful Leeward beach. Blue Hills was our second stop where we did some photos around the older and more colorful buildings you can find there.

We drove back to their hotel around an hour before sunset and from there walked onto Grace Bay beach for ceremony. A beautiful sunset was the perfect ending to their wedding day and also a great backdrop for the final shots.
Here are a few images from their wedding day….

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