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Destination Wedding from Above and Below

Mark & Rachel had fun plans in mind for their 3 day destination wedding in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

With so many special elements to capture, David & Anita of Brilliant Studios, needed to pull out the ‘Big Guns.’

We had an inkling that this would be no ordinary wedding, therefore it needed some extraordinary photography!

Destination Wedding Drones and Under Water Photography

Brilliant is the only company on island with the ability to do both drone and underwater photography for your event.

From land, sky and under the sea our team has your event covered in every way.

This was definitely a wedding that needed to be photographed from every possible angle!

Day 1 – The Welcome Dinner

The beautifully styled Welcome Dinner at The Palms pool deck was attended by over 70 guests all dressed in white.

Every detail was just stunning, from the sand dollar place settings, to the unique hydrangea and pineapple center pieces.

Local Father and Son duo, Sax-o-Pan, provided ambient mellow Caribbean rhythm as a backdrop to the evening’s festivities.

The talented guys from Cuban Crafters entertained everyone with their skills by rolling Cuban Cigars all evening.

The buffet style dinner had something to tickle everyone’s taste buds, especially those with a sweet tooth.

To put it simply, the desserts were just spectacular!

Whilst everyone sat down to enjoy their dinner some guests regaled stories of the bride and groom.

Sometimes emotional, sometimes funny, the stories unfolded one by one about the happy couple.

The guests by now were relaxing into each other’s company, and the laughter continued long into the night.

Day 2 – Boat Day!

With the merriment of last night still dancing in their heads, the wedding party eagerly gathered on the beach.

To blow away the cobwebs, and sore heads, a day of cruising with Caicos Dream Tours was in order.

The ‘Big Boy’ pulled up on Grace Bay Beach and everyone climbed aboard for a day of fun in the sun.

First Stop

We cruised out to the reef for some snorkeling action for those brave enough to take the plunge into the deep.

David joined the snorkelers in the water for some underwater photography, his specialty and passion.

Without a shadow of a doubt the reefs of the TCI are among the best in the world.

Our pristine waters and abundant sea life make snorkeling here a real treat.

David captured some stunning shots of this underwater playground.

We were on the move again once everyone had cooled off by snorkeling, swimming, or plunging from the slide.

Second Stop

The ‘Big Boy’ dropped anchor next on Big Water Cay where everyone got a lesson in all that is conch.

The ‘pistol’ of the conch is renowned throughout the islands as a powerful aphrodisiac, or Nature’s Viagra.

Forget the chocolates and the oysters, the pistol is the real deal!

The guys from Caicos Dream Tours whipped up a conch salad, along with ice cold beers to wash it down.

Whilst the wedding party had a raucous afternoon on the beach, we took the couple away for some alone time.

Alone time = drone time!

From above there is no mistaking the untouched beauty of Big Water Cay.

It was the perfect setting for Mark & Rachel’s romantic stroll the day before the wedding.

The Final Surprise!

Before we knew it the day was coming to an end and it was time to cruise back to Provo.

This already phenomenal day, however, had one more surprise in store for us, some might say the best of all!

JoJo the dolphin, TCI’s friendliest National Treasure, decided to grace us with his presence for the cruise home.

He swam alongside the boat, playing in the wake, bestowing a final blessing on this lovely couple.

What a perfect ending to a perfect day!

TO BE CONTINUED……. The Wedding Day at Grace Bay Club.


Credit: Planner at welcome dinner at the Palms: Lofton Morley

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