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A Parrot Cay wedding, Mary and Sean Tabor

Parrot Cay is one of our favourite properties to photograph weddings here in the Turks & Caicos Islands. This exclusive, private island with it’s stunning white sandy beaches takes any wedding event to the next level.
A few weeks ago we had the great pleasure to photograph a stunning wedding at this location. Mary and Sean Tabor knew that Turks & Caicos was the perfect place to celebrate their destination wedding and Parrot Cay Resort could offer everything the couple wanted to have an exclusive and very private affair.
Their wedding ceremony took place on May 7th at the beach just a few feet away from their private villa.  After a lovely ceremony, everyone moved back to the hotel for dinner and then back to the villa for dancing and partying under the stars…a perfect ending for a beautiful wedding.

Wedding planner: Nadia from Parrot Cay resort. Venue: Parrot Cay Resort. Flowers: Environmental Arts.

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